9 Nature Art Mandalas for Manifesting What You Want In Your Life


You are invited to use my Red Shiso Nature Art Mandalas in a new
9 Step Meditation Process to Attract What You Do Want
Available today as a FREE, printable PDF download.

9 red Shiso Art Meditation Mandalas Booklet Cover


I intentionally created the 9 Red Shiso Mandalas to have a dual use as both nature art and as focus tools to manifest specific life experiences like a better job, a new home, romance, travel, wealth, and of course good health. Then, with the arrival of the COVID-19 world pandemic disrupting lives and livelihoods across the planet, I’m hoping that this meditation process is more timely and useful than ever.

As you explore each of the 9 Steps and their power words, you will be creating an incremental and very personal process that resonates with the vibrations of your specific goal. You will be guided to write out your response and thoughts about the power word of each Mandala along with suggestions that will further clarify the focus of each step. The entire process is designed to build an energetic field that supports and expands the experience that you desire.

EXAMPLE: Step 1 Appreciate - what you already have - write out your talents, skills, knowledge, favorite people, pets, neighbors, the weather, your favorite material things, things you already have. For each step you are guided to use as much descriptive detail as possible. How does it feel; where are you; what are you wearing; who is with you; what sounds, colors, smells, tastes can you describe….

To receive your 9 Step Red Shiso Meditation Mandalas booklet that contains step-by-step instructions for using each Power Mandala, CLICK HERE.

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I welcome your questions and comments as you move through the guided mandala meditations to manifest what you want in your life.

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~ Debra Cortese
  Gallery Number Nine artist/curator