Prancing Through The Snow...

3 Deer Prancing Through The Snow


I'm sharing this image as our official
Gallery Number Nine Holiday Greeting Card
along with sincere wishes that it shares as much of the joyful, healthy,
nourishing experiences of nature that appear on a daily basis
right outside my studio here in Narrowsburg, NY!
. . .

The original photo of the prancing deer was taken a few years ago
in November after our first snowfall and, as usual, I was fortunate to
look out and have my camera close by just as these beautiful deer were
passing through my yard and nibbling any visible nourishing greens
or apples along the way.

I've used several filters and adjusted the colors and textures to be vastly more vibrant
than in the original photo which basically becomes a template for my creative process.
I do this to be able to share more of the emotion I feel when I'm taking the first photo and
as I'm in the process of creating my new version of a not so great photos, I begin to feel
the expansion of sharing this energy.

To do this, I experiment with a variety of options like adjustment of tones,
levels of shadows, colors and custom effects using different textures.
While creating this image, I was also adding layers of joyful, peaceful energy to my soul
and I sincerely hope this feeling extends to you as you view the

Three Deer Prancing Through The Snow
~ December 2020  Debra Cortese ~