Inspired by Tropical Rainforests

Tropical Rain Forest White Bird Walk

White Bird Walking in Tropical Rain Forest

I've been revisiting hundreds of images, sketches and nature photos and am finding new inspiration and ideas in almost everything. Apparently this Covid pandemic quarantine can be a facilitator of new and ideally, improved versions of artistic possibilities. Today's search through old photos found a few favorites, but the one that called out to me the most was a Tropical Forest scene with a blooming heliconia plant in the foreground. My process with photos that may not be of the highest quality is to experiment with the contrasts, the colors and at least 3 or 4 different filters until I find something that looks and feels like what I'd like to share. That said, I'm sharing a few versions of this mornings creative session and would truly appreciate your comments on which you prefer and possibly why? How does each image make you feel? Which would you most enjoy having in your home or office?

Here's the link to view all of the Tropical Art Collection.